Worker Training Website Guide
The following graphic will clearly demonstrate landing and view the entire process of online courses

1. Register an account, top right, click "Register"

2. Fill in the registration information, then click "Confirm Submit"

3. Login account, click on the top right "Login", after filling out the information, click on "login"

4. Select the course series, click on the image of course series that you want to review

5. Select the course, click on the image of the coures that you want to review

6. Click the Play button in the center of the screen to play video course (Please install Adobe Flash Player PPAPI plugin if you are using Google Chrome)

7. After watching the video, move to the top-right corner of the page, answer the questions

8. Course evaluation

9. Student feedback, click on the "student feedback", fill in what you want to say and click "Submit"

10. Retrive your password: in the login screen, click on "Fogot Password", fill out the information following the prompt, and then submit

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