About Verité

Verité to address those serious labor issues: child labor, slave labor, discrimination against women, unpaid wages and dangerous working conditions.

Verité's mission is designed to ensure that workers all over the world work under safe, fair and lawful environment.

Verité corporate social responsibility of international organizations was established in 1995 with its headquarters in the United States. As a non-profit organization, Verité's mission is to ensure that workers all over the world work under safe, fair and lawful environment. Verité's main business include: audits, training, research and capacity building related to corporate social responsibility. Network Verité through regional / national office and local NGO partners such as composition, which operates in more than 70 countries and regions.

One of Verité social sphere as a recognized leader in corporate responsibility organization, using a variety of innovative ways to help multinational companies, factories, government departments and non-governmental organizations to understand and difficulties faced by the Fair Work overcome to achieve in the global economy. Verité to create a social responsibility audit mode to workers as key stakeholders; we build capacity in all aspects of the supply chain, to carry on the root of the problem analysis, problem solving knowledge and skills required, and system construction and other related content a series of training; our research and consulting projects to help governments and business decision makers in the formulation of policies and practices take into account the balance of the interests of workers and the company's needs.

In 2011, Schwab Social Enterprise Foundation grant WEITAI CEO Mr. Dan Viederman Corporate Social Entrepreneur. In 2007, as one of the ten "social entrepreneurs" mechanism, named in recognition of Verité Skoll Fund. In 2005, Fast Company magazine Verité was awarded by the rating and monitoring group named "social capitalist award winner", is considered to be able to "vision into action", and its degree of professionalism and responsibility to meet the rigorous standards of the top market one agency.

We conduct social responsibility and environmental audits through confidential interviews and other methods, which is key to our quality control process, as well as risks and key performance improvements identified.detail
Through training programs, critical capacity-building will be conducted in supply chain at all levels, focusing on root cause analysis on non-compliance, and knowledge, skills and abilities needed to solve these problems.detail
We investigated management systems that put workers in a weak position, provide advice to the government, enterprises, investors and other stakeholders for continuous improvement.detail
Verité's expert team provided specific solutions for brand companies, suppliers, NGOs and governments to improve working conditions in the workplace, and integrate social responsibility with business objectives. detail
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